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Clinical Supervision

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What is clinical supervision?


Clinical supervision supports newly licensed  professional counselors by offering oversight and support from an experienced counselor with 5 or more years in practice. To become licensed to practice counseling in the state of Alabama, all counseling providers must complete a minimum number of therapy hours under clinical supervision. ​During clinical supervision, a newly licensed provider meets with an experienced provider to discuss cases, treatment strategies, and other important topics. 

Why is clinical supervision important?


Counselors have an ethical duty to protect their clients’ best interests and provide quality therapy. This can be challenging when you’re still getting established. Clinical supervision allows newly trained professionals to fine tune their skills without risking harm to clients or treating them as science experiments. Supervision offers ongoing feedback and oversight from a credentialed clinician with more experience and skill. Under supervision we provide feedback on real-world therapy dilemmas along with insight and guidance on how to sharpen your skills and adapt your style to the complex needs of diverse clients. 

Supervision Formats Offered



Individual supervision is one supervisee and one supervisor in face-to-face supervision. It is important to check with the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling regarding numbers of hours required in individual supervision.



Group supervision consists of two or more supervisees in face to face supervision with one supervisor. It is important to check with the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling regarding numbers of hours allowed or required in group supervision..


Current Supervision Rate

$400 per month


If you are interested in supervision consultation please send an inquiry email for availability. For accepted supervisees, please complete and return the following forms. 

*Supervisee Inquiry Form

*Proposed Plan of Supervision Form 

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