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Practicum & Internship Program

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At SHCC we offer a comprehensive Practicum & Internship program that provides students with the opportunity to gain clinical experience in diverse settings. Our program enables students to apply newly learned knowledge and skills to private practice, community and school-based settings, while accumulating the required clock hours for graduation. We carefully guide students in case study, clinical management, recording, evaluation and reporting techniques, as well as effective facilitative behaviors in individual and group counseling processes. At the conclusion of our program, students are not only equipped to navigate clinical practice but are better prepared to identify a post-graduation pathway that aligns with their personal life goals.

Site Options

Students accumulate hours through a variety of settings. Although SHCC provides outpatient services we also provide individual & group counseling within organizations and schools. SHCC interns must be open and may be required to work in all settings.


*Travel between sites typically no more than 20-30 mile radius


We recognize most interns are full-time students or they sacrifice valuable family time to get hours. We believe that obtaining hours should not create a hardship. We offer a small educational stipend to cover travel-related expenses to all SHCC Interns.


*Minimal after 5pm opportunities available


At this time, we only accept students currently pursuing a master’s degree or higher Psychology or Counseling. If interested, we encourage you to apply at least six weeks prior to your school's site selection deadline & desired start date. 

*We hope to add Social Work opportunities in the near future. We are happy to refer you to other sites.

How To Apply

To apply for our program, please note the following requirements for a complete application package.  

  • Submit an application

  • Submit a resume

  • A letter of intent that includes desired post-graduation specialty.


*Application packages will not be considered if the above requirements are not met. All applicants are required to participate in an admission interview. Applicants are notified of their admission status email within two weeks of the completion of the interview. 

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