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Educators and school personnel play a critical role in mental health development in children and adolescents. They are especially vital in identifying and responding to emerging mental illness. Unfortunately most educators and school personnel lack the education, training, and/or ongoing support needed to respond effectively in the classroom. 


Storeyhouse Counseling & Consulting LLC can be hired as consultants to help schools develop and implement social emotional learning (SEL) programs and to provide coaching on trauma-informed teaching strategies. As trained and experienced professionals in SEL and trauma-informed mental health, we offer evidence-based practices to prevent and manage traumatic stress. We work alongside administrators to implement whole-school change which includes training teachers in trauma exposure and creating trauma-informed classroom. Additionally, SHCC prioritizes the prevention and intervention of secondary traumatic stress for teachers and school-based clinicians.


Coaching is a one-on-one, collaborative process in which a trained professional helps you achieve your personal or professional life goals. 

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Leadership Development

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Education Consulting

Mental health difficulties affect school performance in many ways. We are committed to enhancing schools abilities to foster healthy social-emotional development as well as offer mental health services within their schools. 

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